Social Media Coordinator


If you like telling stories, understand branding and want to use your social media skills to inspire people...this might be the opportunity for you.  We are building a team of people who want to be part of something game changing. You’ll engage, connect, and help design inspiring stories that will eventually completely change healthcare forever. Go do good and good will find you!

What you’ll do:

  • Learn the HealthBeMe (HBM) brand and help shape the story we are trying to tell.

  • You’ll spend your time on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You might even get to work on Snapchat if we can get that started.

  • You’ll lovingly craft posts, tweets and various online announcements through social media on behalf of a brand

  • You’ll have to report on your outstanding success – everyone wants to know how many likes, retweets, faves, followers and website visits they got!

  • Social media isn’t just spur of the moment posting. You’ll work as part of a team to plan and carry out a consistent, game changing and meaningful HBM brand story. Our members deserve the best!

What we’re looking for:

  • Proof that you’re really good at social media (e.g. you’ve set up your own social media campaigns, or you have a Twitter account with lots of followers)
  • Understanding of ‘online reputation management’ (look it up)
  • Understanding of how different platforms are used (e.g. the difference between Pinterest and Twitter)
  • Excellent written English skills and communication skills. 
  • Tact and a good sense of humor
  • IT skills—this one almost goes without saying, but there’s a big difference between using a computer leisurely or for business, so it’s important that you can do both.

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