Webes Are HumanCare, In Action

Where care meets action #thehumancaremovement

Healthcare may see you as 'just another patient' but as a Webe, you are a real life, game changing, hero. #webewarriors use their skills and creativity to help lead The HumanCare Movement and their knowledge and experiences to make a real impact in peoples lives as part of their Hives.

I mean, come on, who does that?
~ lauren rowe

Listen to Lauren Rowe tell you about her experience. Follow her story.

Webes do that.
~ healthbeme

Make It Official

You are clearly a special person and we are excited to get to know you.

Step 1 :

We will mail your Webe Kit


Step 2:

Take your official Webe Pic


Step 3:

post your official pic


don’t forget to tag @healthBeMe and use #webewarrior 

& Look out for that orange mail!

The goal isn’t to have the most Webes.

The goal is to have the most caring &
knowledgable people join the humanCare movement.


Webe Nominations


Celebrate other amazing humans in your life or within you.

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also, you can Publicly post your nominee, free to use any of these designs (Formatted to fit Instagram Stories).

If you are on your phone, just press and hold the image you want to save to your phone.

Meet Some Of The Current Webes


Webe Warrior Nation

We want to become the most caring and knowledgable group of do gooders on the planet.


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fantasy Webe

Fantasy Webe...like Fantasy Football, but with an outcome that truly matters. Here’s why we play.


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