Webe Creative

A group of passionate, caring people, using their creative skills to impact people’s lives. The goal of Webe Creative is to come together and create genuine connection through art.

We define ‘art’ as any form of self expression
that is created with the intent to create connection.

The Ways ‘Webes Creative’ Connect 


Webe Creating art for Individuals, That Has the potential to Touch Many.


Webe Collaborating one project as small groups.
Do your part & pass it on.

Webe creating some badass wearable art. display your apparel/design it with us.


Webe hosting art auctions to support individuals across many health communities/

Become A Certified Webe Creative Artist

Becoming a certified ‘creative’ makes you are part of the new wave artists. Artists who become ‘certified’ are uniting to ‘create’ on purpose with purpose… to make our collective art more legitimate & impactful.


Benefits of Becoming Certified

  1. Gain Access To Webe Community As Insider

  2. Be Featured In Any Relevant Webe Creative Showcases

  3. Eligible To Be Selected For Any HealthBeMe Paid Commissions

  4. Increase Your Credibility To Create Art Across Health Communities



Webe Creative Guidelines

To be part of Webe Creative, art alone isn’t enough, you also share the Webe Values.

Create in order to bring joy into others lives.
Creative to bring awareness to health topics.
Create to impact and improve Humankind.

Membership Requires An agreement to these plus The Below core values.