Kanye, Nelson Mandela & Healthcare

At HealthBeMe, we talk a lot about "doing good", it's core to our vision of HumanCare. It's so important in fact, Go Do Good was chosen as our tagline... it's our, Just Do It.

But how will 'doing good', humanize healthcare? Or how would it provide everyone with equal access to better care? How will it make HealthBeMe the place we all turn when it comes to our health?

These aren't easy questions to answer but the path toward a new and better health experience must start somewhere. We feel that the start point is a new mindset. A new mindset that sets the stage for our social platform, our technology and everything else that we do. Technology alone isn't the answer, it's merely a tool.

So today, we are introducing Webe's, the rapidly growing source of 'good' that fuels everything we do. Our goal is that this group of people will help expand the HumanCare mindset... this is the path forward. Healthcare is too broken to fix from within. Webes will help lay the foundation for true progress.

Introducing Webe's

Webe is a noun and a verb. Webe's are a collective group of insiders joining forces to go do good. Webe's are not ambassadors 'for' HealthBeMe, but warriors with HealthBeMe. We are a collective voice inspired to help improve the health and the lives of everyone involved. 

Below, we breakdown how Webe's use doing good to make a positive impact in people's health and lives.  

The Social Impact

Do good. Pay it forward. Acts of kindness. These can seem really cliche at times. But they only feel like a cliche or a rainbow filled utopia when actions don't match words. So no, action-less cliches won't improve your health or life. Nor will it shift one of the largest industries on the planet to be more human. So, how do we avoid making doing good a cliche and make it something real? It's easy, we all start doing it.

The Problem

It is easy, but we do face one main social challenge. Division in mindset.

Today much of our society values finite things like fame, money, and stuff. This is mainly because we aspire to be seen as we see those who we feel, 'have it all'. But most of us will never have it all, not like those we envy. We aspire to have these things because we think they will make us 'cool' or worthy of connection. But, the pursuit of that has divided us more than it has connected us.

The Solution

True connection is the solution, because connection is infinite. But, being connected is not at all the same as connection. True connection is only possible by creating an environment designed to propel 'good' through people and communities. We have woven 'good' into the fabric of everything we do. 

So, we set out to create an environment stable and genuine enough to build a foundation for doing good. We did it by changing what is cool, who and what is valued, and why things are popular. We reward do-gooders. We banish the selfish, mood killers. We essentially make those people who are the best at doing good... famous for doing good.

Because we know that, individually, we do have the power to slightly shift our mindset. A shift that can inspire actions for improving the health of entire communities.

We know it's not easy to demonstrate the impact of a mindset shift, nor is it easy to make doing good tangible.

To clear it up...let's get a little crazy and talk about Kanye.



Kanye West (Description): A globally recognized icon. He's a wealthy, proud, driven, talented, mega-celebrity, ass. This is a man who values himself, the flashy things he buys himself, promoting himself and hopefully making music. After years of boasting, success, and personal entitlement this man divided people through his value system.

Kanye's Impact: He has hundreds of millions of fans and dollars. He has tons of nice stuff. He makes it seem ok... nay, cool, to be a rich ass with lots of stuff. Millions of people follow his lead even though 99.99% of them will never reach his level of fame or wealth. Why? Because they aspire to be seen, as they see him. 


Nelson Mandela (Description): A globally recognized icon. He's a wealthy, proud, driven, forgiver, unifier, leader. This is a man who valued fairness and justice, acts of service, dignity and compassion. After years of abuse, imprisonment and racial hatred, this man unified people through his value system.

Nelson Mandela's Impact: He has hundreds of millions of admirers and has helped an entire nation embrace equality. He made it seem ok... nay, cool, to be people who lay down their hate, their suspicion, their fear, and replace these with trust, hope and common ground. Millions of people followed his lead even though 99.99% of them will never reach his level of impact/respect. Why? They were inspired to live the change they see him living. 

Both men are widely considered successes. They both have influence and a platform to loudly speak. In millions of eyes, each man is considered to be wildly successful. But only one mindset is wildly impactful.



Webe Impact

No, we do not individually have the reach, power, or influence of either person above. But, those in healthcare who do have it aren't fighting for us. We need to stop being patientS. We need to wake up and stop expecting Dr. K. West to be Dr. N. Mandela.

We (current and future webe's) already have the value system, the knowledge, and the experiences needed to change lives. You wouldn't have signed up or been nominated as a Webe otherwise. It's already in you. #watchmewebe

You don't need to be a neurologist or a nutritionist to improve someones health or make a positive impact on their life. Just look at Kanye and Mandela. A rapper made millions envy a life they will never live. And a war criminal inspired millions to compassionately fight for a life they always deserved.

It's time we stop following what was cool and start following what is cool. Good is the new cool! Together we will become iconic. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you. So will your new webe friends and your community!

Let millions of people envy you for looking so damn cool from doing so much damn good. Unlike money, fame, and stuff, this type of envy isn't finite.   
#beorange #godogood

The Health Impact

Healthcare Doesn't Care.

Yes, there are many caring individuals within healthcare. But as system, they don't care. They can't. They won't. They never will. So, lets stop waiting for them to step up and do the right thing, for us. Jay Bookman's, Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, provides compelling evidence to just how little the people who need healthcare, are actually considered in the process.

Healthcare will always prioritize their own 'financial' health over our physical, mental, emotional health. But collectively, our power can shift or change things. But, not for vengeance over Healthcare. Rather, for the good of each other's health.

Healthcare, as an industry, loves holding all of the power. They think that we need what they have. In many situations, that's true. But we have a voice and shouldn't just universally accept everything we're told. We can't. We won't. We never will again. We don't have to bow down when we stand together. 

Doing good, feels good. And for those who are ill and depend on healthcare, you are very aware that being alive is very different from feeling alive. Webe's know that mental health, emotional health and happiness is just as important as physical health. Because better health is all of it... a good laugh on a dark day, an ear willing to listen, a favor from a friend, an answer to a nagging question, a shared experience, a doctor recommendation. It is a hug and it is a drug. 

This is why we must be united by good. Healthcare should help us stay alive but they don't have time or desire to help you feel alive.

We see our doctor, on average, 6 times a year. What are we to do the other 359?

We rely on the collective knowledge, experiences, information, contacts, tips, etc... from a group of people who care to health, and help.

It's our choice. Either, we step up or we just go ahead an keep bowing down. But Webe's don't bow down. Webe stepping up... for each other! 

Which Good Are You?

As our confidence and our desire grows, we will see that collectively, we can change lives, just like Kanye or Mandela. After all, both sought to do good. One sought to do good for himself and has lots of nice stuff. The other, freed an entire nation from 100's of years of racial oppression and is missed, now that he's gone. 

Do you want to be Kanye West famous or Nelson Mandela famous? Are you a divider or a connector? The difference in mindset is relatively small. The difference in impact is massive! The effort required is the nearly the same.

Go Do Good is the simple mindset that will deliver real power and genuine impact throughout webe world. Webe's, webe... and together we will be a voice, loud enough, kind enough and powerful enough to improve our status, our health and everyones lives we touch along the way!

Kanye people, this isn't for you. Mandela people, webe with me.

Webe With Me

A Glimpse Into This World

Imagine if our vast collective knowledge and health experiences were shared.

Imagine if your years of experience managing a chronic condition could help someone diagnosed today. 

Imagine if our vast collection of knowledge/experiences was the 'data' used for research, the real story of how treatments/procedures impact everyday life.

Imagine if we stopped raising money for research with charities to fund new pharmaceutical products.

Imagine if we started raising money to help lots of people afford yoga classes that could vastly improve their circulation.

Imagine then if we learned that yoga improved circulation 5x better than Pentoxifylline/Trental (leading medication for circulation problems).

Image if we learned that because we had thousands of people vouching for this positive result.

Image now that those former Trental uses don't experience these... pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest; feeling like you might pass out; red or pink urine; bloody, black, or tarry stools; or coughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds ('a few' of the listed side effects)

Image that instead of red pee, people experience these... Improved muscular strength and flexibility, improved cardiovascular function, reduced risk of metabolic disfunction, enhanced flexibility and joint function, better mental health ('a few' of the listed side effects)

To remain unbiased, 76 people did report negative yoga related side-effects or injury in 2013. But side note, 150 people are reportedly 'killed' each year from falling coconuts

Imagine if tragedy and illness didn't make us hide from the truth.

Image instead if it inspired us to reach out and help someone directly... because we had the confidence and direction to do so. 

Imagine seeing firsthand how your resources (time, money, etc.) help change someone's life, today. Not in 60 years.

Imagine if exercise was proven to work better than pharmaceuticals, by us, the people who know it to be true.

Imagine if each and every one of us took just a few extra minutes each day to give support or show love to someone going through a difficult time.

Imagine how much joy you will feel from seeing the direct impact of your goodness.

Imagine your pride from becoming famous, just by being a do-gooder.

Imagine all of this happening without much extra effort at all individually.

Imagine a world where people look out for each other, rather than step over each other. A world where goodness is the thing that rises you to the top. 


That world is here and it is now. You won't have to imagine it. You'll be living it. Some of you already live it. But the collective part holds the power.

Help us humanize healthcare, to give us all a chance to live healthier and happier lives. 

Don't wait! Unleash your inner badass and Go Do Good #godogood.
Be an insider. Be the movement. Be a webe.

Webe With Me. Sign up, today!