Have No Fear : Autism Safety Mummy Is Here

Autism. When hearing this word, you will likely think of a developmental disorder or a health condition. Then you may naturally link the word to things like healthcare, doctors, therapists and other treatment related terms. These are mental connections are all accurate. But like all health conditions, with autism, the physical health side just scratches the surface of what people face day to day. Health conditions don't begin and end in 'healthcare'.

Most Health Issues Aren't Addressed By Healthcare

Healthcare does play a role in autism care but it's a relatively tiny one. So, caring for someone who is on the spectrum becomes a learning on the job type of situation. The size of this task is daunting and because it's completely foreign to most who start their new job of full time care taker, it is filled with a lot of learning but also a lot of oversights. 

This is just one reason why connection and community support matters so much in the autism world. There are so many experiences, ideas, hugs, and insights to be gained from each other. In every community, there are typically a few people who really step up and become beacons of hope and information for the rest. 

Introducing Safety Mummy

safety_mummy2 copy.jpg
One of those bright light beacons in the Autism Community is Natasha Barber.

What would you do if you had a child with developmental issues who had escape from school and was found standing in a highway?

If your name is Natasha Barber, you would spend your life learning, teaching and supporting other autism parent to prevent things like that from every happening.

Most parents face some safety related issue while raising a child, autism or no autism. But most parents aren't Safety Mummy. That title is being issued right here and right now to only one person. You guessed it, Natasha Barber! 

To find the books and other materials Natasha has written on autism safety, check out her website or on Instagram

Thanks Natasha, This Is For You

Each month, we honor a few of the amazing people with sincerely 'human' stories in the world of healthcare. Our goal is to always bring more care back to health. We don't 'raise awareness', we "Raise Careness". This month, after finding your Instagram page, we chose you. 

Natasha, your commitment to your family and your Autism Community deserves more than a round of applause. But to get to know you and see how we can help further your ability to protect kids and families... a round of applause is where we will start! 

But how?

The goal was to tell a visual story while highlighting your knowledge and effort of educating people in multiple safety areas. The tricky part was to come up with a single creative and fun concept. A concept bold enough to communicate the seriousness of your work but fun and lighthearted enough to match Tommy's Lessons. This is how Safety Mummy was born.

So last weekend, at our August Webe Day, we brought over 400 feet of yellow caution tape, a kids pool, pool noodles, some vegetables, and much to more. As we started to set up to shoot, one of our very own webe's (Kelsey Kelly) stepped up and volunteered to become Safety Mummy.

Kelsey was running around all morning so when it came to be transformed she was already a little sweaty. But without fuss, she was ready to be wrapped. Three or four other webe's jumped in to help wrap Kelsey. They started at the feet and worked up. Kelsey felt the heat rise with each inch of body they covered in tape. *Newsflash... plastic caution tape doesn't breathe at all.

After about 30 mins of wrapping, both Safety Mummy and Kelsey were ready. Sweat was dripping and makeup had started to run but Kelsey always adopts our "it's not about me" attitude. I think she would have stay on that shoot set for as many photos as necessary.

Then end result...

Here are three forms of Safety Mummy that we hope you enjoy and appreciate. Because we certainly appreciate all of the work that you do! 



Water Safety Mummy


Food Safety Mummy


Mommy Safety Mummy

For all that you do keep other autism moms, dads, and kids safe


Natasha, we were honored to honor you! Thank you for being you and thank you for all that you do! Webe With Me! #godogood.

If you are flattered and also confused as to why we did any of this in the first place... you aren't alone, that is the typical response. We are a little crazy, but we are 100% committed to turning healthcare into human—care. That is our purpose. You, as a purpose driven person yourself, already know that  being a bit crazy actually means — crazy inspired!