Introducing Awetisome : The Autism Hive

Welcome To Awetisome

The Autism Hive

Awetisome is a Hive specifically created to support the people of the Autism Spectrum Disorder community. Autism is such a vast and complex diagnosis that is under-funded and under supported. So, we wanted to create the place where knowledgable, supportive people can gather to share, learn, and care together, we call them Hives.

HealthBeMe is all about building community through the strength of the people. Awetisome became the Hive name because the truly awesome nature of so many people in this community. This name isn't suggesting that the 'Autism' diagnosis is awesome - It's saying that so many humans in the Autism community are, without a question...


After all, we all have ISM'S. 


Joining Awetisome will reserve your HealthFile, you will be able to add any other Hives to your HealthFile once in side. 

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Join your Hive.

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