Introducing JustMe : The Bipolar Hive

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The Bipolar Hive

Joining JustMe will reserve your HealthFile, you will be able to add any other Hives to your HealthFile once in side.

The healthcare experience leaves far too many people feeling alone, confused, and powerless. And the mental health experience is even harder, with services being defunded and the social stigmas. 

So we created an environment that provides a new kind of Health  Experience. Joining your Hive and creating your HealthFile will give you the information, the tools and the community you need to feel strong, connected and important. We call this experience HumanCare. 

All HealthBeMe Hives are named to represent the collective strength of the people. No one should just joining a diagnosis.


With the support of the Bipolar Community, we introduce JustMe, the Bipolar Hive. Why this name...? To unify people and to collectively fight back against stigmas. But fighting stigmas means changing perspectives, both our own and the perspective of others. The term itself, 'bipolar', that doesn't do us any favors. So to the amazing, creative, strong and humans who know that they are one complex yet beautiful individual, JustMe is your place. 

JustMe is basically it's saying, 'nope there is only one beautiful, strong, and complicated me'. 

The Hive Collection

High quality and stylish apparel that allows you to wear your story. The Hive Collection is intended to be a open conversation starter, but with a piece of apparel that you actually want to wear. 

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The JustMe Hive has added our second line to the collection. The design...

I don't selfies, I take Bipolaroids

The line comes in two colors and two styles.

This is a taste of what is available. 

Bipolaroids : Unisex Crew - Green
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Bipolaroids : Custom Poster - 16 x 20
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