FitBro's : Cystic Fibrosis' Buffest Bro's

Why not give a shout out to the buffest dudes in the CF community... they deserve it right.

A dedication to fitness and body shaping is a difficult task for all people. It takes serious focus and commitment and it easy to let it go. The excuses creep in and the trips to the gym go down by the week.

Now image this same daily dedication required from someone with a chronic lung condition. Their energy gets drained quicker, their lower lung function is on average half of what it should be, and their bodies don't handle protein as effectively as those who don't have CF. Not to mention that cardio exercises are significantly more difficult with CF lungs.  

Now, this isn't a knock on those who can't maintain the work required to reach peak fitness levels... people with our without CF. This is a tribute to dudes who haven't let CF slow them down but have instead beef-caked up! These bro's are taking control of their health shows a serious webe warrior mindset. 

In no particular order these are the beefiest, buffest, badasses... the fittest, fastest, friendliest yet most ferocious dudes in the CF Community!

CF's Fittest Bro's



Honorary Fit Bro


Richard Canto, aka CF Bane doesn't have CF himself but is a huge supporter of Fibro's and Cyster's alike. He works hard to raise for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and is a friend of HealthBeMe and the Force Hive! Thanks for all that you do Richard! 


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