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I was asked to write this bio page for our website. Ya know, one of those self overviews where you embellish your background, amuse with personality traits, and appear interesting with your quirky  interests, etc. But honestly, no one cares about those things. Hell, I hardly even care. Also, I refuse to write this in that weird third person point of view, as if I'm not the one sitting here writing it. 

So, I'm just going to say hi and share the only thing that actually matters to you as you read this...

What is it about HealthBeMe that has inspired me to quit my job, move countries, invest every dollar to my name, work for free (80 hrs per week, for nearly 2 years) and still wake up everyday smiling? The simple answer...

HealthBeMe Gives Me Purpose.

With HealthBeMe as my purpose, I am confident in making this promise... I am dedicating my life to using my purpose and my vision to help all people live healthier and happier lives. I won't stop until everyone has equal access to the best possible care or until all diseases are cured (or until I die, I guess.) But I can't do it alone, I and HealthBeMe need your help. Because we can only do it by coming together to become a collective voice loud enough to demand the care we deserve and live the lives we desire.

Together, we are going to uncover the truths, explore all options, and learn from experiences (aka reality). Best of all, we are going to get there by demonstrating our full potential as a human race. How? We will use the power of kindness and the act of goodness to create a New Kind of Care. 

I am 100% certain that we already have everything we need to help each other live healthier and happier lives. But it will require a shift in our perspective to change the we way view our role in the healthcare process. Once we launch, I hope you all will join HealthBeMe and become part of this HumanCare Movement!

Does this sound idealistic? Do you think I'm crazy? Good. I am a little crazy. But it takes a little crazy to actually make any kind of real change or impact in this world. 

How Can I Say These Things?

My path to finding truth within my purpose became the origin of my vision. I started HealthBeMe because I saw a healthcare system that was very very broken. So, during the first year, I obsessively worked to see through the facts and understand the truth behind why the system was so broken. After countless conversations and numerous white board sessions, thousands of post-it notes and hundreds hours or reading 'expert' opinions... I finally had it! The answer was so clear and simple.

I realized that the healthcare system isn't broken at all. It works perfectly!

Unfortunately, it works perfectly for the wrong people and for the wrong reasons. Healthcare companies are living large with record earnings. Regulators and legislators receive little to no push back as they takeaway services and care options. Large non-profits are raising funds at record levels. The one part of healthcare we typically do trust, the physicians, their influence has been minimized by  being turned into administrators. In fact, 'the industry' have tasted the sweet nectar of fruitful living and  thriving self-interests for the better part of a century now. But we are have been responsiblie for squeezing all of the fruit.

But there aren't fewer sick people. Chronic illness numbers grow each year. Healthcare costs are ridiculous. The quality of care has declined. The amount of time we actually get with our doctor is laughable. When we do get sick, we are penalized by our insurance for it (less care & more money). Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz are somehow still doctors. We are fatter and we are sadder and we take more pills now than ever before.

It just doesn't add up. In the real world (outside of healthcare), the companies and industries who are best at adding value are typically the ones who perform the strongest and survive the longest. So... WTF.

The Answer and The Problem...

Healthcare gains power when we are sick, quiet, and obedient. We are told to protect our health information, to 'ask our doctor' before... (fill in the blank), to take medication 'as directed'. Basically, we are expected to simply follow instructions. To make it slightly harder, we have our own social and cultural bias to overcome. We have simply accepted our role as the passive, vulnerable 'patient'.

But this isn't merely a result of a system of experts. It was and is a long-term strategy. Somehow, someway, we blindly trust the outcome of our lives in the hands of people we barely know, people who are part of industry whose business model thrives when we are just sick enough to need it. 

I don't know many people who will go out to dinner or go to a movie without reading reviews. We aren't all expert mechanics but feel free to shop around we we're given a ridiculous quote for a new alternator. We aren't all finance experts or economists but look at us, just managing away at those bank accounts. We nearly idolize doctors for their expertise but they simply use information that exists to make assumptions and decisions about our health. They aren't wizards. Yes, great doctors do exist. So this means, the difference between a good doctor and a great doctor... the degree to which they care. 

But unfortunately, those great doctors are stuck in a system where our best interest will never be the top priority. It can't be. Their model falls apart if it was.

But Together We Can. Let's Do It.

My perspective isn't conjecture, an opinion or an assumption. It is truth. But there are plenty of facts out there to convince you otherwise. That why facts exist.

Healthcare has a control problem, meaning they don't want to lose it. We have a perspective problem, meaning we (mostly) don't believe we are entitled to any it (control that is). But it's only a problem for healthcare when we become part of the solution. 

Let's stop being 'patients' and start being humans. Because we, 'the humans', can do the 'care' part of healthcare... really well actually. But what about the health part? Well, health information already exists and it's readily available. But as the great doctors know, equal access to the same info isn't the thing that sets them apart.

Just imagine how powerful we will be when coming together, as caring humans. We will turn information in knowledge. We will turn vulnerability into empowerment. We will turn confusion into clarity. We will turn healthcare into HumanCare.

We all deserve it and the path to achieving it is far easier than healthcare would ever like us to believe. 

If you took the time to read some words from the heart, thank you. If you were just hoping to learn my favorite TV show or other fun facts, just email me

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