The Story Behind Bipolaroids

At HealthBeMe, we put one thing above all else, people. We exist to be a place where helping people live healthier and happier lives is at the center of it all. This is the base to our vision for HumanCare. We  believe that healthcare, as an industry, is broken and that our best interest aren't always the top priority.

Healthcare is a cold and clinical solution to a very human problem and the source of the stigmas around chronic illness. But honestly, they don't know any other way. So it's up to us, the people, to bring about change, to make our health the top priority and to support and care for others. That's how we end the stigmas. We take charge.

HealthBeMe's Bipolar Community - JustMe

We are launching our first group of health communities soon, we call them Hives. One of these Hives is The Bipolar Community. The name of the Bipolar Hive... JustMe. Why? Ending stigmas means changing perspectives, both our own and the perspective of others. The term itself, 'bipolar', that doesn't do us any favors. It clearly suggests that  there are two people living in one body. We know that isn't the case. So JustMe was born.

Each of our Hives represent the completeness of us as individuals... JustMe is basically it's saying, 'nope there is only one beautiful, strong, and complicated me'. 


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I Don't Take Selfies, I Take Bipolaroids

We collaborated with local people from the bipolar community and artist George Hage to create this design. But we wanted to create something more than just a catchy shirt. We wanted to create a wearable and stylish piece of art that allows us to tell our stories. Ending a stigma doesn't happen all at once, it happens one person, one story, one conversation at a time. We hope Bipolaroids can be that conversation starter... The movement represented in the design  represents progress. The line, 'I don't take selfies' was intentionally made smaller to draw people in, to see what it says and to initiate conversations.

Selfies have been 'a thing' for 10 years now, Polaroids have been around much longer. But really, they are both just options for us to capture our story. So in a way, we are hoping to use this metaphor to show that bipolar disorder doesn't make us crazy, it makes us uniqe. Everyone captures stories in different ways... we each capture stories with lens in which we see or experience the world... some of us just use Bipolaroids. 



The Artist, George Hage

George Hage — drawing the final version of the Bipolaroids design.


Check out George's  website or on Instagram to see more of his work.



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We currently have unisex t-shirts, lightweight hoodies and posters as options for repping your story. Check them out below. 


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