Webe Perks

Webes don't stop at raising awareness...

webe Raising Careness. 

Impacting peoples lives is rewarding, but so are these perks of being a webe.


Grow your personal brand by being a recognized leader in your Hive. HealthBeMe will help make sure you do.


Gain exclusive access to out private launch. Be the first to create your HealthFile.


Get priority on all Hive Collection Apparel. You get your own promo code, giving you 25% on all apparel, always.


Become a Super Webes and get free Hive Collection Apparel


Nominate another webe. Only webes can nominate other people to become webes. Go ahead, try it out now! 



Checkout Webegram

Reactions and photos of webes sharing the good with their Hive.


Webe Style

Webes repping their Hive Collection apparel.