Making Chronic Disease Sexy : 7 Days In a Rowe

Lauren Rowe, real, rosy and literally lovely. 

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease is as much if not more an emotion or mental diagnosis as it is a physical one. It typically brings with it two universally understood reactions. One, run and hide from it. Two, stand and fight it. But Lauren Rowe shows us that there is a third way, to lean in to it, own it and make it sexy. 

Chronic disease itself, is not typically seen as sexy. But healthcare as an industry doesn't really help with that. What comes to mind when you think, 'healthcare'? More than likely, most people will visualize something very cold and clinical... blood, hospital rooms, doctors offices, IV tubes, sterile gloves, etc. In fact, just being in these environments, almost makes you feel sick. And they certainly don't make you feel sexy. You aren't wrong for thinking this way. Over time our experiences have created this picture for us.

But that is changing, because as those with chronic diseases know, it does not define us. Healthcare doesn't get to define us. But we all have the chance to redefine ourselves. And that is exactly what Lauren Rowe shows us everyday. She leans in to her Cystic Fibrosis and she pulls out all kinds of sexy, funny, witty, empathy, and yes sexy (more and more sexy). 

As we started working with the Cystic Fibrosis community to build Force, HealthBeMe's CF community, we found Lauren's profile on Instagram @rejectinglaurenrowe. Immediately, we loved her. She is an icon of hope, connection, and beauty (inside and out) in the CF community. Whether she knows it or not, she is also a symbol for change in healthcare. Lauren is helping people overcome those weak, vulnerable, and inhuman feelings that healthcare creates... she doing it, just by being her.  

To thank Lauren and to help her spread the sexy mindset around to others with chronic diseases (men and women), we chose to honor here in the only way that makes sense. Being sexy.

So we came up with the concept 'What would Lauren Rowe Do?'. 

Here's To You, Lauren

We made YOU, the focus of our weekend and community, Webe Day.

So on Saturday, as a community, we set out to do our best to bring your sexy to life. We think that your ability to turn around common chronic disease situations or feelings into light hearted sexiness is a gift. In this scenario, we decided that any chronic disease of CF question would inspire everyone to first ask themselves... what would Lauren Rowe do

Obviously the answer to each would be...

"Be Sexy". 


What do you do when you have moments where you don't feel like fighting, moments of doubt and sadness due to chronic disease? 

What would Lauren Rowe do? BE SEXY!

How should you react when friends or family who don't have chronic diseases complain about having a minor health issue... like having cold? 

What would Lauren Rowe do? BE SEXY!

Are there any other treatments I can do in the morning to feel better other than vest treatments? 

What would Lauren Rowe do? BE SEXY!

We urge everyone to find what their version of BE SEXY is. Love and appreciate the amazing things that make you 100% you. We all have our sexy. What's your?



Lauren, thanks for being the sexy, confident, caring woman that you are. We had a lot of fun honoring you and hope that you enjoy seeing what we came up with. 


Love what you see? Well, guess what?! 


Your story matters. We want to honor YOU loud & proud. Let us know the real you by signing up to become a #webe & let the good vibes roll!