The Ellen Show - Sweet Sickteens Edition

Ellen is the best and we are going all out to give you the full Ellen Experience, HealthBeMe style. But we need you to be part of it! 

HealthBeMe and RockerDown Studios are hosting one Sick Ellen Show! 


To Be A Guest on HealthBeMe's Ellen Show - Sweet Sickteens Edition...
just answer the questions below to make sure you get added to the list.

 Can't wait to see you on stage!

Your Name *
Your Name
If you are a VIP, let us know how old. If you are a parent or friend select the appropriate one.
Which City & State Do You Currently Live
What is your favorite song? What do you want playing when you take the stage?
Want To Do A Lip Sync To Your Song? *
One of Ellen's 'things' is going to be to do Lipsycn's with people... are you in?
Do you have a special talent? Is there something you are very proud of?
If you are proud of a project you are working on, a video you've made, a design you've created, etc... drop in a link.
There may be many people but just pick number one
What is your one goal or desire that you would like to achieve in your life.
Yes, I Agree To Share My Story *
If you are selected to appear on the show, we just want to be sure that you approve of being on stage and on camera for videos and photos. If you are cool with this, just acknowledge it below.
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