Behind The Smile Of A...

Sandi has made her story with Cystic Fibrosis very public because she truly wants to help other people make their stories and lives brighter. She is active on her Facebook page and she shares very openly on her blog. She uses the name 'Behind The Smile Of A Cystic'.

To help tell Sandi's story, I wanted people to be able to find her blog and FB page. So I typing out the name for others connect with it and to promote such an amazing person! But for some reason when I started typing...'Behind The Smile Of An Optimisitic Cystic' is what leapt from my brain. Quite possibly this is because it's very true. But this made me think about just how many additional words I could have used in place of 'optimistic' to describe her. Plus, I learned that there are lots of fun words that rhyme with cystic! 

So I am proud to present: Behind The Smile Of Sandi

Every word of this speaks to the inspirational person that you are! Thank you for sharing your story so openly. We just hope to part of the altruistic linguistic that helps it make an positive impact with more and more people! 

Rap by Brandon Mason - Beat by Wiz Khalifa 

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