You Inspire 'me', Sandi D!

What if you were told as a kid that you probably wouldn't live to see your 16th birthday? But what if you made it...then you were told that living to 18 yrs old isn't likely? What if you spent the majority of your life in and out of hospitals? What if everything you did in life was 10x harder than it is for pretty much everyone else? Would you have an optimistic outlook on life? I can't say for certain that I would. 

But I'm not Sandi Dick. Sandi has faced each of these what if's because she was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). But CF hasn't stopped fact its barely even slowed her down. Sandi could have easily shut down, accepted her fate and given up. But she chose to do the exact opposite. She chose to live life! 

See more of Sandi's story on her blog,  Behind The Smile Of A Cystic

See more of Sandi's story on her blog, Behind The Smile Of A Cystic

Sandi is now 29 years old and still living life to the fullest each day. In fact, she is/has made the most of life, more so than most people I know. Like all of us, I'm sure she has down days. But the reason Sandi is special...she uses her story as motivation to achieve her goals and inspire others to achieve theirs. Sandi's goals are the things that inspire her to always bounce back and continue to shine as the bright star that she is! 



Sandi's Goals could be described as a 'Life List'. These are things that define her life. I know she wouldn't and I certainly won't give Cystic Fibrosis credit for it. Sandi is not a patient. She is a beautiful, runway strutting, tattoo loving, book writing, good deed doing, wife, friend and daughter.

The video below highlights just how positive Sandi's approach to life truly is. It's a quick look into the 'Life List' of a woman who is committed to inspiring (this ain't no Bucket List people). Sandi, we want to thank you for being you and for all that you do to inspire us! 



Incase you missed it...

Some of Sandi's achievements & goals in super slow-mo.

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You are part of the movement now Sandi! 

Sandi, one of the items on your list of goals is to tell your story each day. But take a rest today...we've got you covered. We are honored to tell such an inspiring story. Your Story.


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