Keeping Yolanda Cool: MS without AC is H.E.L.L

Yoland  (Left)  & Tina  BFF's for life!

Yoland (Left) & Tina
BFF's for life!

Sometimes people say "you never know who your reals friends are"...but this could be more FALSE in the case of Yolanda Whitted and Tina Oxendine. Tina and Yolanda are so close they consider each other 'sisters'. The two have been friends since elementary school and Tina has been a huge supporter for Yolanda ever since her MS (Multiple Sclerosis) diagnosis in 2013. Tina reached out to us recently to see if we could help her dear friend and 'sister' with something so important to her ability to cope with her MS.


Tina and Yolanda are HealthBe-Heroes

Tina got in touch recently by nominating Yolanda as a HealthBeHero because Yolanda needs help. Her AC unit is dying and living without AC with MS is horrible. So we are joining Tina to fight to help Yolanda live more comfortably.

According to Tina, Yolanda is such a pillar of strength. But she is also a woman with a lot of pride and she finds it difficult for her to accept help. Tina said "I know that she needs the help but I also know that she would never ask." But Yolanda is such a loving and caring person, always willing to help others. Tina said "Growing up when we were both struggling as single parents I remember times when I would say to her, “I’m broke.” and her reply to me would be... 

“Girl, you know if I have a dollar, you got fifty cents!”

But we know that the love and kindness of people is so important to feeling good and Tina knows it too. So we are stepping up to help Tina and Yolanda live healthier and happier lives.

The Problem: Yolanda is overheating daily.

Tina told us that Yolanda began having problems with her home air condition unit last summer. It is old and on the verge of completely dying. An electrician look at the unit, he said it was not worth repairing and would likely die this summer (summer 2016). Yolanda's insurance does not even cover all of her medication so she practically a $0 budget for things such as a new AC unit. 

MS with out AC - What's it like?

Hot, humid summer weather can be uncomfortable for anyone, but for people with MS the heat can make life miserable and increase the recurrence of MS symptoms dramatically.



How can you help?

We can either get Yolanda a used or a new AC unit. We are trying to both options. Often times people do remodels or upgrades to their homes and replace their existing unit (which may still work) with a new one. So....

  • Are you a building contractor?
  • Do you know a contractor?
  • Are you upgrading your AC unit?
  • Are you an electrician or HVAC technician?
  • Do you work for a HVAC company?
  • Do you work for Home Depot/Lowes? 

If you have an idea of some way you can help Yolanda stay cool please do get in touch.



Thank You So Much!

Yolanda and Tina are both active members in the MS community. They are supporting and inspiring many other! Now they need our help. 

Yolanda and Tina are both active members in the MS community. They are supporting and inspiring many other! Now they need our help. 

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