Welcome Home Alj - Heart Transplant SuperKid

HealthBeMe & Alj:

We first met Alj after seeing his story on WRAL. After seeing we were inspired to do something. As a team we quickly came up with an idea and a few days later we sent Alj a 'thinking of you' video. We sent it to his mom Tina. The video was simply people from all over the world wishing Alj well and giving him encouragement. Our relationship just took off from there. So much love on both sides. 

HealthBeMe became a very real part of Alj's story from then on. We visited him while he was waiting for his transplant. We were there the night he received new of getting his heart. We were in the hospital with the family the night he went into transplant surgery and we then again the next day when the surgery was over.

Over this time we became very close to Tina. So, a couple weeks after his surgery we went to Tina with the idea of throwing him a welcome home party. Well this 'welcome home party' turned into a community wide event. It felt amazing to give Alj and Tina a day they will never forget!

The rest of the story is yet to be know but this was a day I know we will never forget either. 


Check out this awesome video recap of such an inspiring day! 

Welcome Home Alj - New Heart : New Start
Check out his Facebook page Team Alj Journey With A New Heart

A big thanks to everyone who helped make this such a special day! You are all heroes in our eyes! 


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