Dana George is DAYNAMO: MS Super Hero

Why Dana:

We first met Dana George after we read an awesome story by Taylor Knoff on News & Observer's website a month ago. The article talked about Dana, a woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and her journey of raising money for a stem cell treatment in Mexico. So Dana is attempting to raise $60,000 to pay for the treatment. Taylor's story inspired us.

Now, while this article is about a 42 year old woman with MS seeking a new treatment, we also saw another story. The story we saw was about a strong, fun loving, adventure seeking, mother/wife who isn't willing to stop living her life and doing things she loves. One things Dana loves is Snowboarding so we got together as a team and came up with an idea... 

What we hoped to achieve: The Goals

Connect: Create something that help spread Dana's story to help her raise the money she needs for her treatment.

Inspire: Create something to encourage Dana and her community to keep fighting.

What we did: The Idea

Create a SuperHero character for Dana. Convert that superhero in a piece of art for Dana to display in her house and look at each day.

The SuperHero: Daynamo - A badass mountain loving, MS fighting, evil hating, snowboarding dynamo. 

The Canvas: Fiberglass Snowboard Donated, painted with acrylic paint.

How it happened: The Process

Once it was done we contacted Dana, helped her move furniture, then presented her with her gift and she met Daynamo for the first time! 


We then did an interview with Dana to see how she identifies with her alter ego, Daynamo!


Check out Dana's full story here!


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