A letter to Tina: You helped me even more

Dear Tina, 

We've only know each other for a few weeks but you've already had a massive impact on me. Since we met, you continue to thank me and HealthBeMe for what we've done and how we've been involved in your and Alj's life during his time at UNC Hospital. 

But Tina, you have shown and given me so much more than I have given you. So, I want to thank and honor you for being an absolutely awesome unsung hero in both Alj's and my lives.

Tina Turner...these are the two
reasons I want to thank you. 

  1. You showed me the light again for myself and for HealthBeMe.
  2. Your dedication often goes unrewarded but you deserve to be 'mom of the year'! 

In our relationship...I technically made the first move :) but our relationship only formed because I was touched by Alj's story. But at that time, Alj was just a kid I saw on the news who was going through a hard time...and I was just a guy trying to realize my dream of building communities to help people just like yourself and Alj.

Tina you've made such an impact on me because at the time we reached out, I was personally going through a bit of a low point. I felt a lot anxiety about our direction. I was really questioning my purpose and also questioning whether or not HealthBeMe's vision was the right one.

Within hours of sending the 'Team Alj Goes Global' video...your love, kindness and gratitude completely brought me back to life. You were so genuinely appreciative and absolutely gracious, even for our relatively small act of giving. With each Facebook chats, text messages and phone call I felt more and more convinced that what we were doing was right. Your gratitude, generosity and love is so genuine and it has united kindness and support within your community.

Your love radiates through your community (and now mine)...on level greater than most people I've ever met.

Your love is contagious Tina...it has filled my heart and helped me see the light again. You reaffirmed that we actually do have the right vision and that we are doing something that matters so much to people's lives.

But more important than what you've done for me; what you've done for Alj is absolutely worthy of an award! You don't often get constant appreciation or recognition for the dedication and sacrifice you make for your son. You do it without question and you would do it all over again if you had to...I know that to be true. Most people just expect a parent to do the right thing, be there for their kid and love them unconditionally. But we both know that isn't always the case. 

Tina, you have gone above and beyond to give Alj the continual hope, strength, confidence and love to pull him through. You have put everything on hold to give Alj a new heart and a new start! This is simply my opportunity to thank you from HealthBeMe and for everyone you've touched along this journey.

So thank you Tina Turner! Thank you for the openness and love you display. Thank you for welcoming me into your life. Thank you for sacrificing yourself. Thank you for being a true friend. Thank you for giving Alj unconditional everything! Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for being a little crazy. Thank you for your hugs. Thank you for your kindness. But most of all...

thank you for being you. 

I love you and I love Alj and am so happy to be part of your family! I will do anything I can for you. Now and forever! You are stuck with me.

We have a gift for you but it's not quite ready yet! 






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