NC State TUFFtalks Was A Win

Alumni and faculty had the opportunity to share their experiences using the mantra “Think and Do” to solve problems in their own lives and those of others Saturday at TUFFtalks in Talley Student Union. 

“The speakers did an amazing job, and they’re all fantastic human beings,” said Cassie Brinkman, a senior studying microbiology and chairperson of Issues and Ideas for the Union Activities Board. 

The keynote speaker for the event was Jason Dragos, an NC State alumnus of the class of 2008 and founder and CEO of HealthBeMe, a healthcare platform built to humanize healthcare. Dragos told the story of starting his company and how, early on, he was basing his thinking on goals and objectives before he found the true purpose behind what he was trying to accomplish with HealthBeMe. Find the full recap of the event by NC State Technician here.

The full text/image version of my (Jason Dragos) speech can be found below.

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