Forever Callie: CF is no match for a mothers love.


Inspiration comes from all places; ours came from a beautiful love story which has now spanned four generations of Angela Dourson Christensen's family. This love story starts with Angela's grandfather (Aldo) and his relentless pursuit of a soulmate (Gladys). Even after many attempts and multiple rejections, Aldo never stopped fighting for love. With love in his sights and courage in his heart, he finally won over the girl of his dreams. Aldo and Gladys married in 1947.

Without knowing it, Aldo's unwillingness to give up on true love has created a ripple effect of love in Angela's life. Aldo, passed in February 2015, only months after the birth of Angela's daughter, Callie. Callie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at only 8 days old. Aldo didn't have the opportunity to see his grand daughter grow up, but he would so proud to know that his lessons of love and dedication have provided the foundation of Angela's unwavering fight to give Callie the greatest life possible.

Angela, both your's and your families stories of love have inspired us to select you as one of our Health Heroes. Your dedication to Callie and the CF Community is so clearly your Nola.

The spirit of your grandfather lives on and his lessons of true love continue to shine bright in many lives. So we want to honor Aldo, you, and Callie through a love story made for you. For sharing your story, we thank you for being you and all that you do.

We introduce to you, Forever Callie. 

As a token of our appreciation, we hired a local designer to capture this continuous story of love.  

Inspired by the Never Nola story, Forever Callie is a love story that symbolizes the connection between you, Callie, and your grandfather. It represents your passion for fashion, your undying devotion for Callie, and your families amazing story of eternal love.

So... the boy who NEVER gave up on the girl who was NEVER interested started this love story on a boat named Nola. Now, the girl who FOREVER fights for the daughter she named CALLIE, continues a this story of love... four generations later. 

A love story made for the movies, so beautiful it needed a name...


We certainly found inspiration seeing you follow your heart, Angela! For all things are possible if we FOREVER fight for the ones we love. Fight for your CALLIE!

Welcome to HealthBeMe Angela! 

Love what you see? Well, guess what?! 


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