"Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face" - Mat Johnson

Mat Johnson is, among many other things, a writer.

For all intents and purposes, that means Mat is someone who makes us feel, someone who keeps us up at night with a flashlight under the covers (I guess a kindle nowadays) or glass of gin on the night stand. A writer is someone who makes us realize we’re not all that alone in our idiosyncrasies or struggles, and ultimately makes us think critically about our lives and the world around us. Writer’s provide us not with answers, but questions. So here’s a question: 

What would you like to punch in the face in your life?

For Mat, as he mentioned in a recent interview with NPR, the answer is MS. No, not Martin Scorsese, because honestly what writer doesn’t have soft spot for Scorsese films?


Mat was talking about multiple sclerosis, the autoimmune disorder that has been attacking his mother’s independence since he was a child. Anyone who has a loved one with MS knows that a punch in the face only begins to express the frustration this disease seeds. Unfortunately, MS doesn’t have a physical form to punch... until now. 

Inspired by Mat’s story and frustration with his mother’s condition we decided to take the fight to MS and give it a much needed punch in the face!

So to you, Mat, and all of those affected by MS; this one’s for you!

To all those who continue the fight against MS every day, you are not alone in your frustration, with the disease and the broken system that makes it far harder to manage that it could and should.

We hope you enjoyed seeing MS take the beating for once!

Mat, HealthBeMe exists to help give everyone equal access to better health and thus, happier lives. We will achieve this by working to make healthcare more human. Healthcare is broken in many ways. The focus is profit instead of people. Too many individuals feel alone, scared, and vulnerable because of their healthcare experience. 

Let's change that together! After all, we are fighting the same fight. But we can't do it alone and you can't either. The MS community needs us. Let's work together to build a collective voice large enough to change healthcare and ultimately, change peoples lives.#godogood

Welcome to the movement! 

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