Life is Good: When optimism is part of the MS treatment plan.

Tatiana-Haas Castro has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For 19 years, this shitty disease has tested, challenged, weakened and stolen from her. But the thing that makes Tatiana quite an amazing human and one of our heroes is...she never allows MS to kill her spirit. While, MS has taken so much from Tatiana, it has also inspired, awakened, strengthened and given to her.

Tatiana has been able to remain hopeful, grateful, and optimistic by controlling the one thing that is completely her's... her outlook on life. In everything she does, Tatiana lives by the mantra, "Life is Good". This mantra inspires her to appreciate what is good in her world, even at times when everything feels overwhelming or hopeless. This simple, but immensely powerful statement, inspired us to see the fundamental good in life itself and spread the positive message in our own way!

Just for you Tatiana!

To honor you through your life mantra, we've done a few things for you! First, we wrote a poem that illustrates your optimistic mantra throughout your journey with MS. Enjoy!

Next, since you share a mantra with the well know lifestyle company, Life is good, we actually reached out to them to see if they would do a custom shirt for you. Unfortunately, they are not working with any external partners at this time.

Disappointed but not deterred, we decided to create a "Life is good" character unique to you. This is version one of your character, but we wanted to make sure you liked it first! 

Tatiana, HealthBeMe exists to help give everyone equal access to better health and thus, happier lives. We will achieve this by working to make healthcare more human. Healthcare is broken in many ways. The focus is profit over people. Too many people feel alone, scared and vulnerable because of their healthcare experience. 

Let's change that together! After all, we are fighting the same fight. But we can't do it alone and you can't either. The MS community needs us. Let's work together to build a collective voice large enough to change healthcare and ultimately, change peoples lives.#godogood

Welcome to the Good Movement! 

Love what you see? Well, guess what?! 


Your story matters. We want to honor YOU loud & proud. Let us know the real you by signing up to become a #webe & let the good vibes roll!