A Heart Warming Story About Staying Cool: Multiple Sclerosis Without AC

We wrote a story a few weeks back about Yolanda Whitted needing a new air conditioner. But it was actually about way more than AC. It ended up being about love and friendship. 

BFF's for life, Tina and Yolanda have always been there for each other. So this was awesome display of human goodness was just another for the two of them. But for us, we witness a community of people who have never met Yolanda or Tina come together to solve a problem for a very deserving woman! The outcome of that story can be found below. We are truly luck to know both of these amazing women! 

Thank you to Trane AC for your generous donation of a brand new AC Unit. Thank you to Warren Hay for kindly giving your time and money to do all of the electrical work and installing the unit free of charge. Truly, you are heroes! 


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