Transplant Heroes: Paying It Forward

Think about a time where someone has acted with total selflessness to do something to help you. Maybe someone helped you through a rough patch with a financial gift or maybe someone dedicated time to help you fulfill a lifelong dream. It's an amazing feeling just to know that someone cares about you that much. But can you really ever do anything to show that person how grateful you truly are? Almost anything you try to do to show your appreciation for that selfless act will probably never seem like enough... like you just fall short.

Now try to imagine how you might try to say thank you to a person or family who has donated an organ, which has given you another shot at life. Imagine waking up everyday knowing that you or someone you love is alive only because another person sacrifice. Would you feel gratitude, guilt, joy or sorrow? But to make it even harder, image if you never felt like anything you could do in return to say thank you would be enough.  

These are the feelings felt by two of our heroes face each day. Tina Turner and her son Alj know all to well what this feels like. Alj is happy and healthy after his transplant but he and his mom have not stopped trying to express their gratitude and help the family that have allowed them to remain as one! 

I can't express enough how amazing of woman Tina Turner is. Finding ways to pay it forward and say thank you for such an amazing gift is no easy task, but Tina is doing as much as she can to show her ultimate gratitude each day.

I know you don't expect a thank you for doing it Tina. But though...

Thank you and we love you for being a hero and do-gooder! 



These are a few things Tina is doing to pay it forward!

She advocates for organ donation every single day. She works very closely with Donate Life to do it!  

To become an organ donor,  sign up here with Donate Life !

To become an organ donor, sign up here with Donate Life!

She has worked tirelessly to help the donor family feel loved and supported.

She is helping to raise money for a car that they cannot afford on their own. 

To help this deserving family get a car go to the  Give Forward page .

To help this deserving family get a car go to the Give Forward page.

She and Alj were asked to be on The Ellen Show. As part of the show, Ellen gave Tina and Alj and all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Tina and Alj selflessly gave the trip to their donor family! 

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