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Your Hive is a place to express yourself in many ways, start by helping come up with names. 

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Don't See Your Hive?

People who hive together, thrive together. This is our promise.

The secret sauce to any thriving community... a common set of values and goals. We aren't just the creators of Hives, we are also members... and this is our collective promise.

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Unlike our Healthcare experience, HealthBeMe's goal is to create an environment where we can feel strong, confident and connected as part of a caring community. To achieve this goal, HealthBeMe makes this absolute promise...

The health and well-being of all members across all Hives will forever be the #1 priority

But we can't do it alone. This must be a community promise that we make to each other. Once we make the promise, we have to act accordingly. The best part is, when we do it, we all win!

As a social network with a common set of values and one core promise the HealthBeMe community will

Be a positive, supportive and authentic environment

feel completely safe and free to be our most authentic self

Provides a sense of purpose and importance to members who actively get involved

Help build depth in relationships [there is more to life than followers & likes]

Not tolerate bullying, shaming, and harassment of any kind [will result in a lifetime ban from HealthBeMe]

How Do We Enforce This?

Good Vibes!

Good Vibes: a system designed to reward us for helping ourselves and others find strength and feel supported. How does it work? It's simple.

Each time you do something to help yourself (+ item to your HealthFile) or do something to help someone else (answer a question)... you earn points. This type of system will ensure that our individual value as part of our Hives directly impacts the overall strength of all members in the Hive. So the race for popularity on HealthBeMe is linked directly to the benefit for everyone. The people who do the most good will earn the most good vibes and thus be regarded as a badass, do gooder, expert, wellness warrior.

So... if want more to earn more Good Vibes, simple. Go do more good.

Good Vibes will ultimately be able to be redeemed for all types of tangible perks as well.