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Webes from 4 Continents,14 Countries, and 25 US States have already joined forces. Webes are the Hive leaders & the difference makers in The HumanCare Movement. 

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Meet The Webes

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The Star Webes

Star Webes are new to Webe Warrior Nation. This next level of Webe was added to reward those Webes who are the most caring, active and engaged.

If you have reached 1000 Good Vibes, level up to Star Webe below.


Meet The Star Webes


Becoming star webe

Anyone can become a Star Webe by earning 1000 Good Vibes. Good Vibes are earned by completing items from the Webe List. The Webe List was designed to give new Webes a simple way to get involved and meet other Webes from Day 1. Those Webes who do become actively involved start to take part in and lead other HumanCare projects, projects like Webe Creative for example.

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What Star Webe Do

Super webes

Super Webes play the biggest role as part of the HealthBeMe team. The HealthBeMe team selects elects individual Webes to join the team as Super Webes… they are the chosen ones!

Those who are chosen to be Super Webes are people who demonstrate that they share our values and beliefs. They actively take part in social media conversations, HumanCare projects, and being engaged in the Webe Warrior Community.

Super Webes are the leaders of their Hives. They will be moderators and Hive managers.

Super Webes are involved & rewarded in many ways



Meet The Super Webes




We have lots of fun changing the world together!

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Who Is A Pro Webe?

Pro Webes are the healthcare professionals who are also ‘pro-webe’. Meaning these are the people who go above and beyond to make us feel ‘human’ in our healthcare experience. These people are knowledgable, they are compassionate, they listen, they prepare and they genuinely treat you with 'the utmost ‘care’.

These people are rare in today’s healthcare… that is why we must salute, honor, shoutout those who are really working hard to make our lives better in every possible way.

Who is your Webe Pro?



Why is it important to recognize Pro Webes?

Because this experience (below) is far too common for far too many people. A big HumanCare thank you to those pro’s who treat us like humans.

Why Honor The Non-Humans?

Because often times Service Animals are more loyal, supportive, and understanding than anyone. Service Webes play a big role in helping Webes live their best possible lives.

Are you a Webe? Do you have a Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal?

Let’s make sure they are recognized for all they awesome they bring to your life.

Molly & Pippin

Julian, Jaina, & Atlas

A Full Webe Family

Sparky & Remy

The Service Piggy

Megan and Duke

Mandie & Flynn