the webe list is for all webes who wish to become more involved

level up to star webe status!

Listen to Jason share how the Webe List will help grow the HumanCare Movement.


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Webe list Items:

1. Post My Webe Pic :150 good vibes

Impact: It makes you official and introduces you to Webe Warrior Nation. Don't forget to tag @healthbeme and use #webewarrior.

2. Add #webewarrior @healthbeme To My Bio : 125 good vibes

Impact: Now other Webes find and connect with you. 

3. Follow #healthBeMe & #webeWarrior : 50 good vibes

Impact: See more content from other Webes and help Webes find you are your content.

You can now follow #hashtags on Instagram. Just search for these and click follow.


4. Use #healthBeMe & #webeWarrior In My Posts : 50 good vibes

Impact: Grow your reach and followers by easily identifying people from Webe Warrior Nation.

5. Tag @healthbeme in My relevant posts : 50 good vibes

Impact: Grow your connection with HealthBeMe and your fellow Webes. Tagging also helps your followers recognize your connection with us.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 3.05.48 PM.png

6. Add 'HealthBeMe' as a Highlight to My Bio : 100 good Vibes

Impact: Each time your bio is viewed, your followers will be able to see that you are a Webe and supporter of the HumanCare Movement.

need help starting stories? this link will help or just DM us on Instagram and we will be happy to help you out! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 3.13.35 PM.png

There are a few Highlight Covers you are welcome to use. They are already sized and formatted to fit your highlight cover. Just tap and hold to save if on your phone, right click/control click if on a laptop.

7. Post my hive on my story : 25 good vibes

Impact: Each Hive was named to represent the collective strength of the people so show your Hive Pride by adding it to your story. Other people will see that there is a place for people and not patients.

Don't see your Hive... find more here.

8. Welcome My first webe : 25 Good vibes

Impact: A warm welcome is just a very human way to make others feel comfortable and special. It's easy! Just join the Webe welcome wagon by commenting on their post! @tag other Webes to join you.

To get the love, you have to give it!

To get the love, you have to give it!

9. Post My healthFile Confirmation To my story : 50 good Vibes

Impact: The more knowledge and experiences we can learn from, the more we can help everyone live their best lives. Your HealthFile is like a profile for everything relating to your health. Now that you are a Webe, your HealthFile has been reserved for you.

use the blank post to share on your story (1st Template). The others are examples of webes who have already posted.

10. rePost/share My Favorite healthBeMe post : 25 good Vibes

Impact: Help give your followers a better idea of who this HealthBeMe is. Sharing our perspective and vision that make up the HumanCare Movement.

11. Participate in At least 1 calling all webes : 50 good Vibes

Impact: Calling-All Webes is our version of the bat-signal. We use it to provide support and make an impact for a fellow Webe in a quick and easy way… immediately. This really strengthens relationships. Watch our story... you'll know what to do when you see it.

12. share your favorite healthBeMe Blog Post : 30 good Vibes

Impact: You will be able to learn more about our mindset and vision for the future of healthcare. This will also give you quick and entertaining content to share with your followers and friends.

These are a few of the most popular blog posts. The blog is called The Buzz.

See all posts.

13. Invite Your 'Friends' to like healthBeMe on Facebook : 50 good Vibes

Impact: What is easier than clicking a button? Give your friends a easy way to learn about the HumanCare Movement on their time. You don't have to invite all of your friends... that's not the point. We don't care about the number of 'likes'. Just invite people who may be interested to be part of the HumanCare Movement.


14. Send healthBeMe a post or link i want shared : 50 good Vibes

Impact: Let us help you spread the word on something you are working on. Webes aren't ambassadors for HealthBeMe... this is a 'we' thing. We are fighting the same fight!

Send us a link or picture as a DM on Facebook or Instagram. 

15. Submit a story for wTF Doc? : 100 good Vibes

Impact: By sharing our truest and most messed up healthcare experiences can start to shift the culture… we can start to collectively force healthcare to be better for us. You story doesn’t just have to be about your doctor, it can be about any part of your healthcare experience.

Submit your story here.

Why WTF Doc Became A Thing

How WTF Works

16. Nominate my two webes : 50 good Vibes each

Impact: Nominating others to join Webe Warrior Nation is all quality not quantity. Nominate two people you think are humble, knowledgable and caring human. Below are a few templates formatted for Insta stories that you are welcome to use. 

Once you nominate your webes, you will send them this - “use the link to accept your nomination, you’ll need the password ‘webewarrior’ to get in.”


17. share the humanCare Manifesto : 75 good Vibes 

Impact: The HumanCare Manifesto will help clarify the movement and inspire others who share these values, to become part of it. Only share it if you believe in the words that are spoke. Share it on Facebook here. Find it on IGtv or the Youtube.

18. Post my webe list : 25 Good Vibes 

Impact: Sharing will alert HealthBeMe that you have just leveled up to a Star Webe… so we can reach out about your freebies! Have any item from the Hive Collection for starters. 



The other perks of becoming a star webe