HealthBeMe : HumanCare Manifesto Poster - 18x24


HealthBeMe : HumanCare Manifesto Poster - 18x24


HealthBeMe - Care Manifesto Poster - 18x24

This is the beginning of a new kind of CARE.

This is our why. Together we are better. Join the movement!

100% of profits go to directly people who need help in our communities.

Scroll down to learn more about Merch by Me, the purpose behind the profit.

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Hive Collection

          Unique and stylish designs to help keep the cycle of good flowing in our communities.

Do Good: The Hive Collection is sold by members of our communities who are in need and want to share our story. We provide them with an awesome product to sell and they get to keep 100% of the profits. (Yeah, that's right!)

Look Good: The Hive Collection uses quality materials and a wide range of stylish designs that people actually want to wear. (No more future cleaning shirts.)

Feel Good: The Hive Collection not only empowers you stand out and flex your personality,  but also provides a creative outlet for members to design unique, bold, trendsetting apparel, without bearing the upfront costs. (We do that.) 

When doing good makes you look this good, how else would you feel?