webe Playing together

Webe Warrior Nation are the awesome people leading the HumanCare Movement. Fantasy Webe is just one of fun ways Webes connect and engage as we make it grow.


Why We Play

When we come together with one shared purpose, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.


How It Works


The team that earns the most combined Good Vibes will be declared the winner of Fantasy Webe. Each member of the winning team will win freebies from the Hive Collection.


Fantasy webe Visualized

If you are drafted, it’s because one of the Super Webes thinks you share the webe values and mindset. If haven’t been drafted yet, it’s not because you aren’t worthy, we don’t know all of you awesome people yet.


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Healthcare doesn’t make our lives the #1 priority. So we have to step up and take charge.

Imagine if we’re able to help ourselves and others live better lives, better years, months, weeks, days, or even hours… Together, we have that power, and we are leading the charge.