HealthBeMe will do one thing better than any other company in the world.




HealthBeMe Is More Than A Brand — HealthBeMe is our collective goal.

We are creating a new kind of health experience that has exactly one focus, to make the health and well-being of people the #1 priority. Success to us is to help everyone one day be able to say... "HealthBeMe"

The Purpose & Vision

HealthBeMe started with a vision to humanize healthcare. That vision has changed into something far bigger, but far less complicated. The vision of HealthBeMe is simply HumanCare.

HumanCare at HealthBeMe is your safe space and your creative environment to be an active part of your health experience. It's a new kind of care, built for you to connect freely and deeply with others who also prioritize you.

The goal of HumanCare is to take charge as humans and join forces as humans in order to help humans live healthier and happier lives. It time that we stop leaving our health dictate by a healthcare system, that isn’t built to care. With HumanCare, we, the people matter above all else. We care more!

Healthcare gains power when we are sick, quiet, and obedient. HumanCare gains power when we are empowered, involved, and supported. Which one seems more helpful to you?

On average, we see our doctors 5 times per year... what happens the other 360 days? No one chooses to be a patient. It sucks. But we all just accept this 'out of body' health experience that healthcare provides. But why should we settle when there is another way? 


HumanCare @ HealthBeMe! 



Yes, your doctor is an expert. But so are you. Your doctor is an expert and treating disease with medicine. You are an expert in you. Imagine how powerful you could feel just by expanding your knowledge without the fear of being ridiculed by the 'professionals'. Don't lower your opinion of your worth based on the 'Dr. House' level praise the experts receive. Yes, you won't be an expert in everything but neither will 'they'. 




Healthcare For Me

Let's stop waiting for healthcare to put us first.