HumanCare is the mindset that makes up the HealthBeMe experience.

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"I am an MS Warrior and I live the frustrations of healthcare all of the time. Something needs to change and HealthBeMe is making legit waves in the industry. They 'get' what we want and need and are showing it by putting the 'care' back into healthcare and creating a more human experience." 

Elizabeth Martin, Muscles Hive - Multiple Sclerosis




What Makes healthBeMe so different?

HealthBeMe is a place for people with health challenges to overcome the anxiety and fear of feeling like a patient. The healthcare experience makes people feel alone, confused and powerless. So we created an environment that gives people the information, the tools and the community they need to feel strong and confident. We call this experience, HumanCare.

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Even though there are some amazing people, the healthcare environment just isn’t designed to empower you, as a result, it turns you into a passive, compliant ‘patient’. So, HealthBeMe designed a health experience that helps ‘people’ feel confident and connected by unifying people around their collectives strengths. We call it HumanCare. The health and well-being of people should always be the #1 priority. That is our promise.

Being seen as a 'patient' makes you feel and act like a patient.

But the problem is, you only see your doctor 5 times a year (on average). You shouldn't have to feel alone and powerless the other 360 days. After joining HealthBeMe, you won't! You will have nonstop access to your own HealthFile and you will build meaningful connections from each Hive that you are a part of. With the tools and support always in your pocket, you will better understand your journey. And you will gain the confidence to explore your health options as you interact with the other knowledgeable and caring people in your Hive.

As you use your HealthFile, you will easily find content and experiences from people across your Hive(s). You will feel self-assured as you explore all available health options. How can you know which treatments are best for you when you don't even know the many options that already exist. When you discover what is working for others like you, you will at least have the confidence to ask the right questions. As you become more confident and informed, you may become a hero to yourself or to someone else.

As The HumanCare Movement grows, we will all gain more power and confidence. No more feeling like an overlooked and ignored resource (as a patient). You will be a strong and resourceful person. You will feel inspired to help others. And you will feel a greater sense of control about your health and your future. When people come together and truly give a damn about each other, amazing things can happen. Join your Hive.

What does the future hold for all of the powerful, decisive, active, wellness warriors? It looks like a new health experience with only one priority... to help each other live happier and healthier lives. 

This is our path. These are our words.

The HumanCare Manifesto


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