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Thank you for giving your time to help our Founder & CEO, Jason, succeed HealthBeMe's investment funding goals.  

We would love your feedback! Hearing your insight only helps us tell our pitch narritive that much better. We want to reveal the heart and dedication within HealthBeMe as much as we can so Investors can realize they love our "big idea" too.

If you have a few minutes to go do good today,  you have the option to provide some additional thoughts or take aways in this survey. 

We value you for being you!



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The Content
Help us determine which areas of the pitch needs more clarity. Be honest, you won't hurt any feelings.
I knew what HealthBeMe did before hearing the pitch.
I agree that the current healthcare experience isn't offer the right type of value for today's patient.
I now believe that I have a solid understanding of the problem that HealthBeMe is solving for people.
I have a general understanding of the HealthBeMe business model and how revenue will be generated.
The connection between HumanCare and HealthBeMe is clear to me.
The connection between a persons HealthFile and their Hive is clear to me.
The pitch story held my attention the entire time.
I could feel Jason's passion behind the HealthBeMe vision.
As closely as possible, rank your experience with the overall story Jason pitched. 1 = hated it 10 = Loved it
Share any thoughts you have about HealthBeMe, Jason, The Pitch, etc...

Thanks again for your time!

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