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Sweet Sickteens isn't about defining people by their health challenges is about celebrating them because they deserve it. They deserve love and care from the community and a chance to feel like a celebrity!

This is your chance to make send a statement to a young person in your life who could use a day to just be celebrated. By nominating a teen or young person with health challenges, you are saying to them... I see just how awesome, caring, and seriously cool you are, you deserve this! 



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Help give a group of very deserving teens a day they, nor you will ever forget. We have the chance as a community to come together and show what the power of 'good' is able to do!

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In order to make this the party of the year, your help is greatly appreciated! Make a straight financial donation (100% of proceeds go directly to the event or to give the many of the teens who can't afford it, the opportunity to attend).

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10 ways webes, webe

10 ways webes, webe

Doing good is at the heart of webes, so there is really no shortage of ways to webe or things to do to grow the HumanCare Movement.

But here are a few of the ways that webes, webe and a few others that we've helped make happen. It starts by making it official and ends when we cure all

Life is Good: When optimism is part of the MS treatment plan.

Life is Good: When optimism is part of the MS treatment plan.

Tatiana-Haas Castro has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For 19 years, this shitty disease has tested, challenged, weakened and stolen from her. But the thing that makes Tatiana quite an amazing human and one of our heroes is...she never allows MS to kill her spirit. While, MS has taken so much from Tatiana, it has also inspired, awakened, strengthened and given to her.