Why Me Exists

HealthBeMe start with a vision to humanize healthcare. That vision has morphed into something for bigger and far less complicated. HumanCare has the incentive, motivation and resources to help people live better and find cures. HumanCare isn't replacing healthcare, it's adding all the experiences, options, knowledge, etc.  that we aren't getting from healthcare.

The only goal of HumanCare is to make access to 'care' and access to health and wellness options inclusive, unlimited and constant. HumanCare gains power when we are empowered, involved, and supported. It helps us all feel more in control, more useful, and less alone. We are are fighting the same fight, so that no one ever has to fight alone.


Healthcare will never change or reform. It's not in their best interest. But it's time for change.

Yes, your doctor is an expert. But so are you. Your doctor is an expert and treating disease with medicine. But you are an expert in you. There are so many people out there who share similar health concerns. We will find better health, inside a collective group of humans who care. On average we see our doctors 5 times per year... but what happens the other 360 days? HealthBeMe! HumanCare is never closed and always ready.


The meaning of Me...


Let's stop waiting for Healthcare to put us first.

Be Orange.

One saying to describe all of the values and beliefs that makeup HealthBeMe.

These aren't just words.They are everything. Because without them...
HumanCare, Raising Careness, Webes, Hives, and the don't exist. 

Our Eight Values  


The HumanCare Manifesto

A New Kind of Care

the care manifesto was written to unify us and to inspire us to embrace our collective power.